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Farm Cover

FDRVC actively promotes Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) to empower farmers and enhance agricultural productivity. FPCs are collective enterprises owned by farmers and managed by professionals, designed to streamline the marketing of their products and improve their bargaining power in the market. FDRVC's efforts include technical assistance, digital transformation, training, and financial support to establish and strengthen FPCs. Through these interventions, FDRVC envisions a prosperous and inclusive agricultural sector.


FDRVC is dedicated to promoting Handloom and Handicraft Producer Companies with a focus on marketing its products. PCs are collective enterprises formed by artisans, aiming to streamline the marketing and distribution of their unique and traditional creations. FDRVC actively supports these PCs by providing technical assistance, digital transformation, training, and financial aid through Government schemes to strengthen their operations. By facilitating access to wider markets, improving product quality, and enhancing design innovation, FDRVC empowers artisans and promotes sustainable livelihoods. Our efforts seek to preserve traditional crafts, uplift artisan communities, and foster economic growth in rural areas.



FDRVC is dedicated to promoting Poultry Producer Companies that work closely with rural women producers. PCs are collective enterprises formed by women engaged in poultry farming, with the objective of empowering them and enhancing their participation in the poultry value chain. FDRVC provides comprehensive support to these PCs, including training, technical assistance, digital transformation and access to finance and markets. By promoting the establishment and growth of PCs, FDRVC aims to empower rural women, improve their income opportunities, and promote gender equality in the agricultural sector. Through these efforts, FDRVC envisions sustainable rural development and economic empowerment for women.