Handloom & Handicrafts Producer Companies

Crafting Dreams, Empowering Women

Incorporated on: 03.08.21

Location: Badaun, UP

Craft: Zari-Zardosi Embroidery

Mobilised: 692

Members: 141

Villages: 18

Samples Developed: 111

*Data as on June 2023

Zarkala Mahila Hasthshilp Producer Company Limited is a rural women-led and women-owned producer company in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, India which focuses on producing handcrafted products of Zari-Zardosi Embroidery. The Company was founded in 2021 with the aim of empowering women in rural areas by providing them with an opportunity to generate income through the production and sale of their handcrafted products. The Company provides skill training and design development and market linkages support to its members. Zarkala MHPCL has  a target to impact over 500 women.

Incorporated on: 11.10.22

Location: Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya

Craft: Eri Silk Value Chain

Mobilised: 547

Members: 324

Villages: 14

Samples Developed: 8

*Data as on June 2023

Meghloom Eri Women Producer Company Limited is owned by Khasi Eri silk cocoon producers, hand spinners, dyers, and weavers from the state of Meghalaya. Meghloom brings hand-spun, naturally dyed, handwoven Eri Silk products from the Eastern hills of the Himalayas with the unique look and feel traditionally associated with Eri Silk. The company was founded in 2022 supported by Meghalaya State Rural Livelihood Mission under National Rural Livelihoods Mission of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt of India. FDRVC is incubating this Producer Company as the Technical Support Agency.

Incorporated on: 31.05.22

Location: Dhamtari, CG

Craft: Cotton Handloom Weaving

Mobilised: 255

Members: 31

Villages: 36

Samples Developed: 59

*Data as on June 2023

Sahajsut Mahila Kisan Bunkar Producer Company is located in the Dhamtari and Kurud districts of Chhattisgarh, dedicated to cotton handloom weaving production. Comprising talented rural women artisans, the company showcases the rich heritage of handloom and crafts unique, eco-friendly textiles. Through sustainable practices, they empower local communities and preserve traditional weaving techniques. Sahajsut not only uplifts women by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills but also enhances the socio-economic landscape of the region. With a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Sahajsut MKBPCL embodies the essence of cultural heritage and women's empowerment.

Incorporated on: 25.04.23

Location: Bajag, MP

Craft: Cotton Handloom Weaving

Mobilised: 123

Members: 10

Villages: 8

Samples Developed: -

*Data as on June 2023

Bajagloom Mahila Bunkar Producer Company is a remarkable women-owned enterprise comprising skilled weavers from the Baiga tribe community. Located in a region rich in tribal culture and traditions, the company specializes in crafting exquisite cotton weaves that reflect the unique heritage and symbols of their tribe. Through their designs and patterns, they create beautiful textiles.

The weavers were making traditional costumes such as Sola Haath: Sola Haath: a shorter variation of the traditional saree, and Lugra: a variation of dupatta to cover the upper body. Traditionally the primary customers of the weavers have been the Baiga tribe buying handloom for their daily and regular usage.

Incorporated on: 27.04.23

Location: Sambalpur, Odisha

Craft: Ikkat Handloom

Mobilised: 128

Members: 10

Villages: 4

Samples Developed: -

*Data as on June 2023

Sambandho Mahila Bunkar Producer Company is a women-led enterprise that takes immense pride in preserving the rich heritage of Sambalpuri Ikkat Handloom weaving. Nestled in a region renowned for its textile artistry, the company is dedicated to producing exquisite handloom products with intricate designs and vibrant colours. These skilled women artisans employ traditional Ikkat weaving techniques passed down through generations to create stunning textiles that reflect the region's cultural identity. Sambandho's commitment to promoting this age-old craft with complimentary modern designs and trends will empower the women weavers and ensure the continuation of the cherished textile heritage for future generations to admire and cherish.

Pipillique MHPCL

Incorporated on: 25.04.23

Location: Pipili-Puri, Odisha

Craft: Applique Embroidery

Mobilised: 304

Members: 10

Villages: 13

Samples Developed: -

*Data as on June 2023

Pipillique Mahila Hastshilp Producer Company Limited is incorporated on April 2023 with a mandate to benefit the artisans of the Puri district practising Applique embroidery craft. 

The cluster seems to be a fertile ground for intervention as some existing products have good demand in the market. Home furnishings and fashion accessories are upcoming and booming segments, particularly in urban and export markets. There is huge scope for product diversification and even extending the product line by the introduction of newer designs and more utility products as opposed to the current offerings of religious and traditional products.